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Whitepapers från Forrester
Technology platform strategy for technology and business leaders

Forrester 2021-07-08

Technology platform strategy for technology and business leaders
The pandemic has driven leaders to develop a technology approach that can adapt to systemic uncertainty. Leading-edge organizations are not rebuilding their tech stack every time they move to a new model or idea; they are leveraging platforms. The simplest example of that is cloud — cloud is a platform that can provide all the infrastructure you need to operate your business today and tomorrow.
Audience first, content later

Forrester 2021-07-08

Audience first, content later
Data shows that organizations that go to market with an audience[1]centric model experience many benefits, including better audience engagement, higher response and conversion rates increased marketing contribution to pipeline and revenue, improved sales and marketing alignment, and greater sales productivity.
ROCXI – Return On CX Investment?

Forrester 2021-06-30

ROCXI – Return On CX Investment?
Customer experience (CX) professionals often struggle to show how their efforts will produce business results. When their efforts fail, requests for funding hits a wall, projects stall out, and CX pros may find themselves out of a job. In this guide, the research firm Forrester will show how a ROI model on CX looks like and also how to articulate a powerful “one-sentence business case”

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